Sunday, 16 November 2014

Refocus Stockton - The Locomotion No.1

I had the opportunity to work with Gayle Chong Kwan and Stockton Council to design a commission piece that reflects Stockton's history and its current regeneration of the high street. 
Me and my university colleague, Emma Train, won the commission together and were rewarded with the task of constructing and completing our models over the summer. The models are photographed and are due to be displayed within the Spencer Market Hall on a 2 meter by 3.3 meters high wall, as a vinyl wall print. (Castlegate Centre)  - This is my first every public art commission so it is very exciting! 

The exhibition date will be set sometime in December, provisionally December 3rd 2014, whilst I am away in London gathering Professional research. I plan to organise a press release with the Evening Gazette, Northern Echo and CCAD University Press after I return. (Watch this space!)

Below is a personal reflection of my concept and quotation, this is a snippet of what is to be proposed on the councils website. Castlegate Shopping Centre

I have incorporated my photography with 3d forms and as result created a colourful model train of George Stephenson's Locomotion No.1. This I feel expresses the colourful future of Stockton during its current regeneration but also attracts younger audiences members to keep Stockton's past in mind. 

Completed model for vinyl wall print. (C) Warspite Arts
'This artwork combines two elements of Stockton's history that I wanted to celebrate, George Robert Stephenson's Locomotion No.1 and John Walker's Friction Match. My piece expresses Stockton's Past but also the bright future of the town during its regeneration' 
Developmental Drawings for concept 

(C) Warspite Art 
(C) Warspite Arts

Reference Pictures (Darlington North Road) 

(C)Warspite Arts 

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