Monday, 15 September 2014

Souvenirs (SHORT FILM) Immortal Beard Films

A short film created by Immortal Beard Films, Director and Producer Robert Simpson. (Just another film with me in it)

I would like to thank all these people involved below. 
  • Linda Michalik  
  • Graham Williamson 
  • Tony Winward
  • Leo Howes
  • Robert Lonsdale 
  • Mick Snowden (Camera Operator)
  • Robert Simpson (Director)  
As well as involving myself in building and construction props and set for stage and screen, I like to gain experience on camera and stage theatres. This makes me more diverse and hopefully gain a variety set of skills that I can use for future work opportunities. 

I hope to network and meet people through my passion for film and theatre. I may have an opportunity working for Hydra X Films in Northumberland which will give me industry experience within a small production film company.  I have been asked to audition for a role in 'Blood on the Lens' as well as being a 'runner' behind the scenes. (Watch this space!) 

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