Thursday, 4 September 2014

All That Once Was

I have finally managed to edit and put together my Filmpoem 'All That Once Was'

The location I have used for the film was located in Python Gallery offices (Cargo Fleet Lane, Middlesbrough). I was allowed permission to gain access to the first floor and second floor which was  filled with rubble and dust.

I would like to thank Kirsten Applesnakes and Writersblock NE for developing a workshop on using Windows Movie Maker.
I would like to thank the Python Gallery at Cargo Fleet Lane, for allowing me permission to film and photograph the area.
I would also like to thank camera operator, Humira Imtiaz for following my direction without a tripod    and suffering the thick air of dust that would be completely unsuitable for asthmatics. (you will be pleased to hear that she does not suffer from asthma)

Please note that the music was supplied by Kai Engel, an internet composer.

The concept of the Filmpoem is based on personal emotional experiences. I wanted to capture beauty and decay within the same frame. The props used where to emphasise the words within the poem that I feel are meaningful.  The film is influenced by my appreciation for Film Noir as it is in sepia tones and the subtitles are to give a 'silent movie' feel to the performance. I made the film silent to relate to my own feelings of not having a voice or the confidence to express myself clearly, or it is to portray the ignorance of other people.

My film will be entered into Middlesbrough's  International Film Festival curated by filmmaker Jay Tee.  All films will be available to view on their youtube page from the 8th September 2014.
Middlesbrough International Film Festival 
Please contact Jay Tee by the Facebook page if you would like the opportunitiy to submit your film.

Thank you.

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