Sunday, 27 April 2014

Acting & Performing

I also involve myself in acting & performance groups across the North East. I attend a local Film Making Club when I can because I am interested in film production and cinematography.
I would like to thank, Laura Degnan & James Harris of Writersblock North East for providing creative workshops and promoting talent. Writersblock NE have provided me with the comfidence, opportunity and encouragement to develop my ideas, and the ability to network with other creative people in Teesside.

I would like to thank the Arc Arts Centre in providing performance space and granted permission to advertise and put on Writersblock Sketch Shows in the past.

I do miss being involved in writing & performing sketches for this group and I still would like to be involved in other acting groups in the near future.

Picture from very last sketch show (from right, John Louis Higgins, Sylvian Greumach, Myself, James Piatt, Lynn Lawson, Chris Stewart, Abigail Sharkey, Mark Lund, Mark Harrison, Masimba Musodza, Amy Cromack, Mark Tindle, Tracy Hyman, Fiona Rankin, Jane Elwell, Dani Boucher, Lori York, Tim Marshell, Laura Degnan, Sarah Jane Rooney and James Harris.)

See below for Screenshots of a short film I was recently involved in for Writer and Director Graham Williamson. (Title: Hungry Ghost)

If you are interested in joining the Arc Film Making Club please pop along to one of the sessions run on Saturday mornings at the Arc, Stockton. (Sessions are co-ordinated by Mick Snowden.)
Arc Film Making Club

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