Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Experimenting with Texture.

For my statue I needed to mimic the texture and colour of rusted copper. I used interior filler, glue and sawdust to create the texture, and for a second example sand. I applied the correct colour with a sponge and brushes to make it effective. To be accurate it would be best to have an actual example of rusted copper in front of you, rather than an internet image.

Here are some pictures to show the stages of process - This is using interior filler, glue and sawdust. (Note I used a hint of Ancient Gold, and brass metallic colours)

Here are the next few images using sand for the texture and using a real item to recreate the effect i wanted. 

Colours used: Acrylic Burnt Seinna, Acrylic Orange, Crown Aquatic Blue, Acrylic black, Acrylic Dark Green, Ancient Gold (Metallic) Brass (Metallic) and Acrylic White 

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