Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Theatre Set Design (National Theatre, Dommar Warehouse & RSC)

I am looking forward to seeing the live screening of Coriolanus played by Tom Hiddleston at the Cinemas on January 30th 2014 (Production Location Dommar Warehouse) have seen the film version with Gerard Butler and Ralph Finnes playing opposing roles.

I have seen also seen the National Theatre Lives Frankenstein directed by Danny Boyle with Benedict Cumberbatch as Frankenstein, the Set design was spectacular and inspiring.  - I have to admit the scene transitions between each scene during Frankenstein was very smooth and concise, I give credit to the director and stage manager for this and the technical ability of the set designers.

Set Designer : Mark Tildesley
Playwright: Nick Dear

NT Trailer for Frankenstien for Halloween (30/10/13)

Both National Theatre and Dommar Warehouse are theaters with good representation of producing amazing theatre pieces for the new generation of theater goers. This is where I would like the honor of being part of the production team to gain the best experience of my career in my ambitious future.

As a former youth worker i am interested in the NT Shed project and the work that goes into empowering young people to be creative.

I feel the Royal Shakespeare Company offers a more traditional reflection of Theatre but changes the stage direction and design to interpret traditional Shakespeare plays. This makes theatre more attractive and inviting for younger audiences such as myself.

I went to see RSC's Hamlet and I have to say the quality of acting was outstanding I also throughly enjoyed the Set Design and sneakily caught a picture of the set after the show.

I was incredibly impressed with  Jonathan Slinger acting of a deluded Hamlet.  However I give credit to all of 2013 production of Hamlet, Directed by David Farr

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